KRU Overseas congratulates employees of KRU on Miner’s Day

KRU Overseas congratulated the management, employees and veterans of Kuzbassrazrezugol (KRU) on Miner’s Day and the 55th anniversary of the company.

Coal plays a significant role in global energy mix. Over the past decades, coal-fired power plants has been generating 40% of the world’s electricity – the largest share in comparison with other types of generation. And over 55 years, KRU has remained the leader in open pit coal mining and the number one company in Kuzbass.

The uninterrupted operation of coal-fired power plants and the metallurgical industry, the heat and light in people’s homes, largely depend on the effective work of coal miners.

Today, KRU employees follow the example of their predecessors, being a close-knit family, where discipline, courage and teamwork are always valued above all. KRU staff combine the best of many years of experience with the use of advanced technologies, while always focusing on the result and quality of work.

May these professional and human qualities help you to achieve new heights in your difficult and honorable work!
On this festive day, KRU Overseas wishes the miners of Kuzbassrazrezugol good health, prosperity, new professional successes and achievements!