KRU Overseas signs 2-year supply contract with Exiros

KRU-Overseas Ltd., a global supplier of high-quality coal, signed the 2-year contract with Exiros. The contract is valid until the end of Q3 2021 with total deliveries of 1.5-1.7 million tons of PCI coal.

The batches of coal will be delivered via Ust-Luga Coal Terminal (Rosterminalugol) by Panamax vessels to Ternium steel plant in Sepetiba (Brazil).

Exiros is a raw material supply structure for Ternium, which is a leading company in the Americas, that manufactures and processes a wide range of steel products using the most advanced technology.

Ternium has 17 production centers in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, United States, Guatemala and Mexico, which produce high-complexity steel products and supply the main industries and markets in the region. The company manufactures a wide range of products through integrated processes that involve the extraction of iron ore from its own mines. These include semi-finished steel, flat-rolled products, long products, welded tubes and beam, and roll-formed products.