KRU Overseas sponsors Christmas musical performance in Limassol

KRU Overseas Ltd., a global supplier of high-quality coal, sponsored the musical performance “And so… this is Christmas” by Elena Soleo on December 08, 2019 in Limassol.

“The Choir of Dreams” and Elena Solea presented one hundred voices on the stage of Rialto Theatre with live orchestral accompaniment, featuring the Children’s Choir of Dreams and Marina Kyriakidou Dance Studio.

The performance included popular Christmas songs from the Greek and international repertoire, filled with love and joy, set to transfer the audience to the warmth of the Christmas spirit and snowy winter landscape in anticipation of the upcoming holidays.

KRU Overseas is a socially responsible company, that supports local communities and organizations, provides sponsorship for initiatives and events aimed at promoting education, culture and sports.

KRU Overseas carries out its business with the objective of sustainably creating value for society, citizens, customers, shareholders and for the local communities in which they do business, providing a high-quality goods and services through the use of environmentally-friendly energy sources, innovating and maintaining awareness of the opportunities offered by the knowledge economy.