KRU Overseas Sponsors Argus Russian Coal Market Conference


KRU Overseas Ltd., a global supplier of high-quality coal, sponsored the International Conference Argus Russian Coal Market 2020, which was held on February 20 in Moscow. The event brought together more than 150 participants from 20 countries, including Russia, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, China, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Switzerland and others. The conference was attended by major producers and consumers of Russian coal, global traders, as well as representatives of metallurgical and energy industries, shipping and stevedoring business, financial sector and others.

Conference participants discussed current changes in global coal demand and its impact on Russian coal exports. The Russian Ministry of Energy presented the outlook of the Russian coal industry until 2035.

Argus lead analyst William Wang shared his opinion on the impact of the coronavirus on the coal market in China and highlighted the prospects for imports to the country amid increased competition between Russian, Australian and Indonesian suppliers.

The forecast for global coal consumption and changes in energy balance was presented by Carlos Fernandez Alvarez, senior analyst at the International Energy Agency (IEA). The IEA considers it premature to talk about the beginning of the downtrend in decreasing coal demand in the global coal market and forecasts that rising coal consumption in India and other Asian countries (primarily Indonesia and Vietnam) will be able to offset the demand decline in Europe and North America. Thus, the IEA predicts stable demand/moderate growth in the global coal market until 2024.
The conference was also attended by the analysts of CAA (Contemporary Analytical Agency), which has been providing KRU Overseas with customized coal markets analytics as well as bespoke expertise and research.

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