KRU Overseas offers subsidy to Cyprus Red Cross

couple human hand imprint with heart inside on paper.

KRU Overseas, a global supplier of high-quality coal, has subsidized the Cyprus Red Cross Society (CRCS), recognizing the very importance of providing assistance and support to organizations, that help citizens, who require immediate social, economic and medical support, especially amid the height of the global pandemic.

Nowadays the absolute priority for all of us is the health, lives and safety of people, as well as economic security of local communities. That’s why KRU Overseas is committed to providing charitable donations to organizations such as CRCS, which delivers care and comfort to those in need.

CRCS is the largest organization in Cyprus that helps prevent and alleviate human suffering and supports individuals and communities in preparing and responding to emergencies during times of peace and war without any discrimination based on race or gender, age, social, religion or politics.

CRCS offers humanitarian assistance such as food and clothing, provides wheelchairs, offers first aid lessons, organizes blood donation, responds and manages emergencies, offers psychological support services, covers the needs of migrants, provides monitoring and restoration of family relations services, organization of youth camps and campaigns on various social, environmental and medical issues.

KRU Overseas carries out its business with the objective of creating sustainable value for society, citizens, customers, shareholders and for the local communities in which they do business, providing a high-quality goods and services through the use of environmentally-friendly energy sources, innovating and maintaining awareness of the opportunities offered by the knowledge economy.