Kuzbassrazrezugol to boost production up 3% in 2022


In 2021 Kuzbassrazrezugol increased coal production up to 45.3 million tonnes (+5% y-o-y), including 7 million tonnes of coking coal.

The main increase was provided by Taldinsky opencast mine, where output was up 1.4 million tonnes y-o-y.

The volume of overburden in 2021 amounted to 323.5 million m³.
In 2022, Kuzbassrazrezugol intends to produce 46.6 million tonnes of coal (+3% to 2021). To achieve the target, it is planned to lift production at Kaltansky opencast mine by a third (from 4.4 to 5.7 million tonnes).

In 2021, Kuzbassrazrezugol shipped 43.6 million tonnes of coal to consumers, up 7% y-o-y. This includes 30.9 million tonnes of coal exported (up 13%) and 12.7 million tonnes of coal sold in the domestic market.

In 2022, the company plans to deliver more than 43 million tonnes to consumers, including 32 million tonnes of coal for exports.

In 2022 Kuzbassrazrezugol will increase investments in production development by 1.7 times to over 45 billion RUR.

In the coming year, Kuzbassrazrezugol will continue to implement the largest programs in the history of the company to upgrade the main mining, transport and technological equipment. During the year, Kuzbassrazrezugol will receive almost 500 units of new mining dump trucks of various carrying capacities, hydraulic excavators, bulldozers and drilling rigs.

More than 39.6 million tonnes of coal were processed at the company’s washing plants in 2021. The share of washed coal in the overall volume of extraction amounted to 87%.
Kuzbassrazrezugol is the largest producer of high-quality hard coal in Kuzbass. The company incorporates 11 open pit mines and 1 underground mine. The annual coal production is 45-50 million tonnes.